Straight singer Ben Adams calls his shirt ‘a tad gay’ and Twitter drags him

A1 boyband member, Ben Adams, called his t-shirt ‘a tad gay’ and Twitter isn’t having any of it.

While on his way to Northern Pride in the UK, he posted the photo to Twitter with the controversial caption: ‘Off to headline Northern Pride with A1 – just realised my t-shirt looks a tad gay… guess it’s the right gig for it.’

Then Twitter started dragging the straight singer to filth.

One viral tweet said: ‘Hey Ben Adams – Next time you accept money to perform at a Pride event… You should consider supporting the cause & your choice of words.’

Another said: ‘If you don’t know why this tweet was offensive, you probably shouldn’t perform at Pride events.’

And another tweeted: ‘How to both miss the point and also highlight how very needed a thing like still is.’

Then Adams began blocking people. Numerous accounts posted screenshots of Adams having blocked them for calling him out.

He decided to delete the original tweet and replace it with ‘great’ instead of ‘gay’. He also included a laugh-crying emoji, which some have criticized for not taking his correction seriously.

Northern Pride reacts to the Ben Adams controversy

But now Northern Pride organizers stepped in to comment on the issue this morning (26 July).

Chairman Mark Nichols said: ‘We have had a lengthy conversation with A1 and we fully accept that there was absolutely no intention to cause offence to anyone.

‘It does however flag up that people need to be careful about the language they use, even in a throw away comment, particularly on social media.

‘The Pride committee now intend to put an end to this matter and concentrate on all the fantastic, positive support that this year’s event generated.’

Band member and also featured in the photo, Adam Read, took to Twitter to apologize. He said: ‘As soon as he realized it caused some offence, he took it down.

‘We fully embrace and support all diversity whilst also appreciating the freedom of expression.

‘It’s obvious to anyone who knows our history as a band, that we’ve always fully supported the LGBT community. From when we started out in 1998, we had our first meaningful break on the gay scene, which we’ve always been very grateful for,’ he said.

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Straight singer Ben Adams calls his shirt ‘a tad gay’ and Twitter drags him